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Electroneum Project #ETN

Electroneum The First British Crypto Coin

The ICO of Electroneum (#ETN) begins tomorrow and will trade later (Nov. 1st or later) on the exchanges. The buy in is at one penny pure coin with bonus coins depending on when you get in the sale. Sales will stop when 40 million dollars have been invested or November 1st whichever happens first.

The whitepaper and website have all the facts so I will not duplicate that here. But it is an impressive line up of talent and it is based on some very logical products and services in this digital age.

The goal of 75K investors and a hard cap (amount of dollars invested aka Market Capital) of 40 million is lofty, I will follow this as it unfolds.

UPDATE: [10/20/2017] Forty Million dollars later we see the sale was stopped 11 days early with 296000 user/investors. News worthy event that will soon be revisited with trading on the exchanges. Look for ticker #ETN