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Android 7.0 wins on Security

Android Nougat 7.0 while in limited release has already been shown to be more secure than the I Phone (IOS 10). Rooting exposed. The ability to root a devise is preferred for security. Android has had this in early release’s but in 7.0 features Direct Boot which allows apps to start faster and run secure before unlocking the device. Samsung may have security issues with their televisions, but the Galaxy 7 will soon be running on 7.0 and if it does not explode it’s lithium guts, it may be the most secure mobile device made thus far.

John McAfee (NASDAQ $MGT) was in New York last week, and when asked about secure mobile devices, he responded by showing his Galaxy 7 phone and reminded us of rooting. I am still fond of my Moto X pre Lenovo Google Android phone with D-Vasive on board. Apple’s IOS 10 may have the edge on features for the masses, but if privacy is important, don’t bother.