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Phoenix Worldwide Industries Auction

Cantilever Racks / Hardware / Warehouse Equipment / Office Furniture / Industrial Equipment / More
Shelving, Racks, Boxes of Hardware, Workstations, Office Furniture, Electronics, Raw Materials, Metals, Work Benches, Salvage, Scrap, Etc.
100’s of Items – Manufacturing Facility – “Phoenix Worldwide”
Began: 10/03/11 at 11:00 AM EDT
Stampler Auctions

Five years ago I stumbled upon this random email from a local auctioneer that i had done business with in the past. I was not in need of anything in particular, but the location was close by and you can always find some interesting deals at auctions. needless to say I went and ended up with several truck loads.

Fast forward to 2016 and I have a few items left to sell from that purchase. So while having a garage sale the subject of where did I get this stuff came up in conversation. I later began to look up on the internet what ever was out there on Phoenix Worldwide. I quickly learned of the reason for the auction and many other details that to me were interesting.My next post will be about the bankruptcy.