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Jeff Wise Has His Own Gringo.

Research shows that John McAfee once worked for Lockheed a defense contractor. Lockheed had a popular platform known as the C-130 Hercules. American foreign policy in the early eighties was divided between Islamic and Oil concerns in the east and the threat of Communism in South America.
At Eglin AFB in Florida Lockheed had projects at Wagner Field and Duke Field, one top secret program was a STOL (short takeoff and landing) conversion of a C-130 and the other was a sophisticated COMINT (communications intelligence) which involved a two engine version of the C-130 ( think L-400 or Caribou).
Some think that John McAfee was recruited by Booz Allen to assist in a Lockheed project, the truth is not known, but interestingly the C-130 STOL was being readied for a CIA mission to rescue hostages in Iran, and many individuals have gone from NSA and CIA to Booz Allen or visa versa. Booz Allen has been tied to cover identities for US Intelligence.
Also the other Lockheed project, “Asset” involved fitting sophisticated electronic listening stations (SIGINT / COMINT) to a twin engine Hercules to be used in South America possibly by CIA because of communist guerilla activity and revolution that would harm US and capitalist investments. Both of these projects would have been rush projects creating the need for new employees and contractors.


John Hull an American ex-patriot had a large farm operation in Costa Rica with an Air Field. The CIA put John on the payroll and used his ranch as a forward base to fight communism. Much of this was done outside the knowledge of the US Congress. A variety of private and military aircraft were involved in these operations.
Private aircraft from Miami , Florida was used to transport guns into South America, and return trips were flagged (green light) to return to Miami with drugs from Columbia and Belize. Government agencies gave exemptions for DEA and IRS. How many times did Lockheed planes take off and land on John Hulls runways? President Reagan was elected and the CIA called off its project to land a rocket assisted C-130 on an aircraft carrier, and the hostages were freed, but other Lockheed projects continued.
Ollie North and the Iran Contra affair exploded in the media, Lockheed had already done their part as a defense contractor, John Hull was arrested in 1989 for a short period and John McAfee left Lockheed to develop antivirus software.
For years John Hull had been creating jobs and was loved and accepted by the Costa Rica people and local officials, but because of his arrangement with the CIA, it all fell apart. The media tied his name to guns and drugs.
I find it interesting that John McAfee was living in Belize creating jobs and was loved and getting along with the local government. While at the same time he studied the Belize government activities. Then in a short period of time he was whisked back to the US and protected from extradition. Has John McAfee been an undercover asset of the CIA for all these years? Cyber security is the new frontier of battle. McAfee tried to run for President with the Cyber Party. Now there is a huge misinformation campaign against him, led primarily by Jeff Wise a conspiracy fiction writer who thinks the Russians want a conventional war and stole a Boeing airplane (MH370). The “Gringo” story is deja-vu , tie the person to drugs and guns in a Banana Republic and try to get him locked up.


Why would the Russians want a WW III, when they have a cyber war already? Is John McAfee back in SIGINT, did he ever really leave it? Can he beat the Russians at the hacking game? The Russians love psychological chess games, back when McAfee was working for Lockheed the Russians ran an operation to implicate the US in the development of the HIV virus as a weapon. Testing it on Gay men in the San Francisco area. To this day people are unclear of the connection. Besides guns and drugs, implying certain sexual behavior can be used to target the character of a country or individual. Several attacks on McAfee involve accusatory abnormal sexual behavior. Who is playing psychological chess now?
Jeff Wise may think he is the next Glenn Garvin, even borrowing the title from “Everybody Had His Own Gringo” The CIA and the Contras.


Disclaimer, this story was fabricated. Taking bits and pieces of real events and implying a story exists. This is pure bullshit. Luckily I paid no one to lie or embellish. But it was produced with pictures and dates just like a real documentary. Moral of story, don’t believe what you see or hear, do your own research.
Here is a good place to start researching “Gringo”.

Google > project phoenix + cia